_____ Learn Beyond Books

Teach your child how to THINK and
not what to THINK

Thinkerplace focuses on Learning at home kits
backed by S.T.E.M technologies


_____ Learn Beyond Books

To CREATE is your brain's
favorite way of learning.

Our aim is to introduce new dimension of
'Learning by Tinkering' and 'Learning by Doing'


_____ Learn Beyond Books

You can learn when
you can IMPLEMENT it.

Become a problem solver and implement the solution in real life.

Who We Are?

‘Learn Beyond Books’ is our mantra and practice it with passion. ThinkerPlace is a learning initiative with a goal to bring the most-awaited change in our way of learning and thinking. We present courses that perfectly blend theoretical and practical knowledge. Our mentors aim to build an advanced platform to impart knowledge to all the curious minds who want to think beyond the books.

What We Do?

Study Material

Research-based S.T.E.M lesson plans aligned with National and International standards.

Pocket Friendly

Cost-effective packages to procure S.T.E.M Learning equipment and material for classrooms.


Strategies for building and sustaining community support for S.T.E.M education.


Strategies positioning the assessment of student performance with the goals of inquiry-centered S.T.E.M programs.

Educator - Driven Innovations

Researching, Designing and developing innovative programs for consistent growth in teaching and learning.



Playing, learning and asking lots of questions – that’s how kids learn about themselves, about others and the world around them. As your kid’s first teacher, you can start promoting their S.T.E.M skills from an early age, by creating a solid foundation for future learning. By inspiring your child to play, explore and investigate, you are helping them grow active participants in their learning. 


S.T.E.M mall is the best and diverse marketplace for all our S.T.E.M kits, age-group wise. We offer a wide variety of S.T.E.M products separately to help your children learn basic components of scientific learning. Choose your favourite S.T.E.M kits and boost curiosity and a love of learning in children, regardless of their ability or history. With a focus on S.T.E.M and positive children’s mental health practices, our goal is to promote resilient, healthy minds for a better society and bright future. 


Foster the ecosystem of exploration, innovation and scientific learning in your Educational Institute. We offer state-of-the-art programs for the schools to establish tinkering labs to help school children have the knowledge of the future. Our S.T.E.M programs for school are available for all Grades from 3rd to 10th. We strive to boost the modern-way of learning and curriculum that enables them to structure their thinking and a challenging environment that allows young innovators to test themselves.




Our Methodology

We are passionate to build the next generation of Doers among the children with a path to knowledge, creativity and success. Our courses and curriculum are designed after years of research and learning from the science and curious minds of the children. Our method strives to simplify the complex ideas in basics and help children to learn them with a 360-degree approach. We aim to help children recognize their true potential and flair for creativity with science and technology.