Home Automation using Blynk & ESP8266
Home Automation using Blynk & ESP8266 In this project, we learn how to make IoT Based Home Automation Project using Blynk & NodeMCU ESP8266. By Home Automation, we mean controlling lighting, entertainment systems, and appliances without a manual switch. When connected with the Internet, home appliances are an important constituent of the Internet of Things (“IoT”).
In this Home Automation System, we will control 2 home appliances as Tv, Fan, Bulb, Motor, Refrigerator connected to Relay using the Blynk Application. The Wifi Module NodeMCU ESP8266 will Receive commands from the smartphone wirelessly through the Internet. To encode the ON/OFF signal and send it to the server and ESP8266 board, we need the best IoT Platform. So, we chose Blynk as it is the most suitable application. This project requires internet connectivity & will not work without an Internet connection.

Two in One IOT


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