Age Group: 6 to 8 Years

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Plant’s Water Status Indicator

Build a smart indicator to learn when your plants need more water. This kit helps kids to understand how plants absorb water and how to avoid over-watering the plant for their better growth. 

Automatic Door Bell With Object Detection 

Learn to build a smart touch-less alarm system that rings the alarm by sensing a person. Not only this is helpful to security but also to avoid touching bells during the times of COVID. 

Line follower Robot 

The line follower robot works on the simple concepts of speed and following the given path. The robot detects the black line on a white surface and moves along the line.

Bluetooth Controlled Home Appliances 

Build a high-tech project to control your home appliances with Bluetooth and smartphone. The smartphone sends control signals to switch home appliances ON or OFF by an android app through Bluetooth interface. 

Boat Kit 

A readymade water boat that works on electricity to help children understand the properties of water and water transportation concepts.

Drone Kit 

Build a smart drone at home to get hands-on experience in applied science, physics, and mathematics all encased in one essential learning adventure.


  • Progress with Process
  • Core Science Concepts
  • Learn Through Self Experiences

6+ years

6 to 8 Years

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