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6 DIY Kits Instruction Videos + Manuals on Learning Management System (LMS)

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 1st Month

  1. Solar LED and Fan: For an understanding of the renewable energy resource, the kit provides concepts of conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. Through this, the children will learn ways to save electricity
  2. Water Level Indicator: It will clear the understanding to check the level of water in the tank—a better way to teach water conservation.

 2nd Month

  1. Automatic Hand Sanitizer:  This is a new age project. In this project, students can learn to make their own hand sanitizer machines. We are using the IR sensor module to detect the hand placed under the hand sanitizer kit and put some sanitizer drops with the pump motor placed inside the sanitizer container.
  2. TV Remote Based ON/OFF LED: This is an innovative project where students can learn to use the IR remote to turn ON/OFF the LED placed on the PCB.

 3rd Month

  1. Automatic Room Light Control using PIR: This is an innovative project where we can save Electricity by automatically turning ON/OFF the room light with the PIR sensor’s help.
  2. Line follower robot: Line follower robot: This project is developed to follow the two-wheel Robot only on the Black surface line. The IR sensor detects this black line, and the Robot will follow it.


  • Progress with Process
  • Core Science Concepts
  • Learn Through Self Experiences



11 years

“I enjoyed learning new concepts from the Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Kit. The steps were easy to follow and the tools were also easy to use.”


8 years

“I made the Torch Without Battery which works without battery or electricity. I enjoyed learning
something new with this activity.


6 years

“The Solar energy based fan was easy to make. I want to learn more about solar energy and solar system now.”


12 years

“It was exciting to learn many new scientific concepts from the temperature and humidity display board. I am also going to use it in my house.”


10 years

“The Water level Indicator Kit was informative and easy to make. It helped me grow my creativity and interest in the scientific field. I recommend this kit for other students of my age.”

8+ years

8 to 10 Years

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