Why Us?

What Makes Us Unique


‘Learn Beyond Books’ is our mantra and practice it with passion. ThinkerPlace is a learning initiative with a goal to bring the most-awaited change in our way of learning and thinking. We present courses that perfectly blend theoretical and practical knowledge. Our mentors aim to build an advanced platform to impart knowledge to all the curious minds who want to think beyond the books.


COVID has made sure that the world is rapidly changing, and we are changing with it. The coming generation would demand the practical knowledge and future-ready skills to have an enlightened path to success on a global paradigm. We ensure the same with STEM Labs – designed to empower Kids, even at home, with multiple smart educational products, including first of its kind AI/ML proprietary Toys. The rise of collaborative working and learning environments in educational institutions is critical in driving up growth and demand for future-driven STEM toys. We ensure to bring the unique practical methods of learning to mainstream education in the coming years.


ThinkerPlace is the home to curious minds who always wish to know more and learn more. If your child is one of these knowledge-hungry peers, ThinkerPlace is the right choice. Our programs are designed carefully to instil and maintain the spark of curiosity by helping them solving real-life problems with science and technology. We introduce them to the latest technologies like Coding, AR, Product designing, IoT, Robotics, Automation, and many more. Our multiple subscription packages include coding and LAB@home facilities for age groups ranging between 6, and 12-year-old learners who are one of the highly sought programs. Imparting a meaningful way of learning is our forte, and follow it with passion and integrity.