Our Methodology

How do we do it

Study Material:

Research-based STEM lesson plans aligned with National and International standards.



Cost-effective packages for procuring STEM equipment and materials to classrooms.



Strategies for building and sustaining community support for STEM education.



Strategies positioning the assessment of student performance with the goals of inquiry-centered STEM programs.


Educator – Driven innovations:

Researching, Designing and developing innovative programs for consistent growth in teaching and learning.



ThinkerPlace STEM Learning Lab


The STEM Lab by Thinkerplace is based on Experiential Learning Based Education, which encourages learning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through building and playing with STEM Models.


It emphasizes Thinking, Creating, and Implementing concepts, which implies imparting STEM-based Education through playing with custom-designed educational kits and sets, STEM toys, from which over 100 innovative models can be constructed.


We provide an immersive learning experience with comprehensive, interactive standard-aligned content for STEM along with Coding, AR / VR, Product designing, IoT, Robotics, Automation, and many more lessons. Furthermore, we offer a substantial range of digital courses and experiential STEM activities that bring theoretical concepts of STEM learning to life.


Thinkerplace provides interesting theme-based bite-size lessons, expecting our learners to solve meaningful challenges through hands-on building and programming.