Age Group 7+

Beginner STEM Lab 

Fire Alert Alarm :

Build an advanced alert system that detects the fire outbreak and activates the siren. Help kids learn about disaster management and how technology can help us keep such disasters at bay to prevent damage.

Heat Alert Alarm :

Learn and experience the heat-sensing indicators to understand the core concepts of heat as physical energy. The temperature sensors can be leveraged for multiple applications. 

Automatic Street Light :

Build smart lights at home and on your own with ThinkerPlace STEM kits. The automatic street light is the best method to save energy as it automatically switches on during the night and gets switched off during the day time. 

Automatic Plant Irrigation System : 

Build a smart indicator to learn when your plants need more water. This kit helps kids to understand how plants absorb water and how to avoid over-watering the plant for their better growth. 

Lab Includes

  • 1 Big Breadboard
  • 3 DIY Kits
  • 2 PCB DIY Kit 
  • Added Tool Ki
  • User & Concept Manual


  • Progress with Process
  • Core Science Concepts 
  • Learn Through Self Experiences

8+ years

Beginner Lab

INR 3800

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