6 to 8 Years​

Are You Looking To Spark Your Child's Curiosity?

Child's Curiosity

To be honest, children in the 21st century are more curious about everything they see and observe which makes the parent’s job quite challenging. A curious mind needs tending and knowledge from the experts to make progress in the right path. We, at Thinker Place, understand these challenges and have unboxed the world of S.T.E.M Education for your children.

With years of research and learning, we have created smart programs perfectly fit for 6-8-year-old kids to boost their conceptual understanding and creativity. We believe in ‘Learn and Play’ and to ensure this our learning kit is infused with interactive games that boost the knowledge of kids.

Lay the Foundation of Knowledge For Gen Next

Easy-to-use DIY Kits

Each kit is carefully designed to help children handle the concepts and materials independently.

Fun and creative learning environment

Our kits inspire a purposeful outdoor play! Each kit includes learning materials and activity ideas around a special theme.

Unique and innovative ideas

Check out our latest tinkering kits and video content to help you make the most of your child's early learning years.

It’s more than just learning

Our S.T.E.M Kits are age-appropriate and focus on wholesome growth of children at their right age.

What's there in my S.T.E.M Kit?

1st Month

1st Month 6to8

Torch Without battery​​

The project will help in understanding about reforming kinetic energy into electrical energy. The light will turn on without any battery.

Plant and water indicator​​​

Plants need water and what if itself it requires water? This plant will indicate water.

2nd Month​

Water level

Water Tank Full Indicator

Conserving water is the need of the hour, and with this method, the level in a storage tank can be determined.

Fan On Using Sun Light

Fan ON Using Sun Light

With this project, instead of using electricity to operate LED lights and fans, you can learn how to conserve and utilize solar energy, which is a form of renewable energy. This method decreases electricity bills and diverse application.

2nd Month 6to8

3rd Month​

3rd Month 6to8
Plug and Play Robot

Plug and Play Robot

In this project, we use a simple Plug and Play Robot to run in a forward direction using a 9v battery power supply.

Fire Indicator LED

 Fire Indicator LED is a smart project which detects the fire presence in the sensor’s surroundings and turns ON the LED if triggered. This project can be used in the kitchen to detect fire and turn on the alarm.

Package INcludes

You Will Receive in 3 months ​

How It Works

Pick a Kit

We offer S.T.E.M Kits for every age and interest!

Delivered Monthly

Choose your plan and the first kit ships in 7 days.​

Serious Fun!

Our science S.T.E.M projects inspire kids to become creative problem solvers.​

Frequently asked questions

After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation SMS and email from us. You will receive one purchased kit only a monthly basis for all the months of your subscription. Your first kit will reach you within 8-10 business days of placing the order.

A monthly STEM Kit will contain 2 DIY Kit + 2 3D Casing + 3 Cards + 1 Sticker – activities based Manual Programing. The kit will also include daily activity instructions available on Thinker Place Student Portal along with easy-to-understand instruction manual. Every month, your child will receive a new and unique set of activities.

Every Thinker Place STEM Kits includes

Think – Concept learning Manual to understand basic science concepts.
Create – Instruction manual to use STEM Kit.
Implementation – Problem-solving STEM Kit to convert it into a final STEM Product
It also incorporates an easy-to-understand instruction sheet as well as a demo solution videos on our website.

Yes. Simply visit ‘Stem Mall’ on our website and purchase a single STEM kit of your choice. For better discounts and continuous learning, you can purchase 3-months subscription to try the kit. If your child doesn’t find this fun  (which is quite rare!), you can simply send a cancellation email to us, and we’ll refund the amount for the remaining kits within 4-5 working days.