10 to 12 Years​

Explore and Unleash Your Creativity

Child's Curiosity

The age between 10 to 12 years is the age of experimenting. Kids start to learn what they observe and start implementing those observations during this age. A perfect push in the right direction is all that your kid needs. To support your cause and bring an all-around learning experience to your child, we have worked to build innovative tinkering kits.

We focus on ‘Skill Based’ and ‘Experiential Learning’ methods to bring out the little scientist hidden inside curious minds. We don’t want them to lose it over violent video games or Television. Scientific learning through activities will help to channel their energy. We believe that every child is special and if nurtured with excellent hands, they will be better equipped to face real-world challenges.

Designed by the Experts and Tested by the Kids

Activity-based S.T.E.M Kits

S.T.E.M Kits based on basic science concepts to learn from doing than the pages of boring books.

Learn from the Peer's Community

Communicate with your peers to share and learn actionable insights on your learning experiences.

Get Rewarded for Learning

Keep the uniqueness alive and get rewarded for your learning for and with innovation.

Make Innovation Your Best Friend

Discover things while learning and keep the baton in search of 'New' and always 'Awesome.'

What's there in my S.T.E.M Kit?

1st Month

1st Month Product 10 to 12
Door Alarm

Door Alert Alarm

For vigilance automation, the children will understand the latest age of the security system. You can make your child understand the latest techniques of security.

Gas Sensor

Gas Sensor System

The gas sensor will enhance the learning to sense the leaking of gas. In their daily life, they can face this type of issue. It will allow them to stop any disaster before execution.

2nd Month

TV Remote Based On-Off Led_1

Ultrasonic Distance Measurement

With the help of this project, students can measure the distance between the object and the ultrasonic sensor and display the same on the LCD.

Security System

This project can also be used for security purposes. If there is any movement in the sensor area, the buzzer will turn ON immediately

2nd Month Product 10 to 12

3rd Month

3rd Month Product 10 to 12

Smart Dustbin

This is a smart automation project in which the IR sensor module is used to detect whether the dustbin is full or not. If the dustbin is full, then the buzzer will turn ON immediately.

Smart Weather Station

In this project, we use the DHT11 module to sense the temperature and the humidity levels and display the same on the LCD.

Package INcludes

You Will Receive in 3 months ​

How It Works

Pick a Kit

We offer S.T.E.M Kits for every age and interest!

Delivered Monthly

Choose your plan and the first kit ships in 7 days. ​

Serious Fun!

Our science S.T.E.M projects inspire kids to become creative problem solvers.​

Frequently asked questions

After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation SMS and email from us. You will receive one purchased kit only a monthly basis for all the months of your subscription. Your first kit will reach you within 8-10 business days of placing the order.

A monthly STEM Kit will contain 2 DIY Kit + 2 3D Casing + 3 Cards + 1 Sticker – activities based Manual Programing. The kit will also include daily activity instructions available on Thinker Place Student Portal along with easy-to-understand instruction manual. Every month, your child will receive a new and unique set of activities.

Every Thinker Place STEM Kits includes

Think – Concept learning Manual to understand basic science concepts.
Create – Instruction manual to use STEM Kit.
Implementation – Problem-solving STEM Kit to convert it into a final STEM Product
It also incorporates an easy-to-understand instruction sheet as well as a demo solution videos on our website.

Yes. Simply visit ‘Stem Mall’ on our website and purchase a single STEM kit of your choice. For better discounts and continuous learning, you can purchase 3-months subscription to try the kit. If your child doesn’t find this fun  (which is quite rare!), you can simply send a cancellation email to us, and we’ll refund the amount for the remaining kits within 4-5 working days.